Production systems for the manufacturing of fiber-reinforced plastics and multimaterial lightweight components – LeiPro


The lecture provides students with a comprehensive overview of production systems for the manufacture of fiber-reinforced plastics, short FRP, and multi-material systems, short MMS, and focuses on practical aspects, which are dealt with in detail using examples from industrial production and the current research landscape.


Main focus production systems

So far offered lectures focus on the materials science topics of fiber composite technology and processing methods. In contrast to this, this lecture focusses on production systems and, as a meaningful supplement, offers future engineers a comprehensive insight into and overview of the individual production systems and subsystems for the production of short, long and endless fiber-reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic FRP and multi-material systems based on FRP.

In addition, the students are able to apply the concepts and principles of system development in a beneficial way depending on the special features of the FRP production technology and are familiar with the special problems associated with the planning and design of these production systems as well as the necessary process chain realization.

Learning objectives

In particular, the growing use of FRP in mass products requires engineers with holistic, system-related knowledge of FRP component production, for example for the planning and design of production lines and for the system-related implementation of process chains. The lecture enables the students to understand and evaluate production systems depending on the special requirements resulting from the individual FRP processes as well as from the process interdependencies and to design them themselves.

Project Work

When working on a project task, students are motivated in small group exercises to develop approaches to solve system-side problems, for example design, conception, construction of subsystems of production systems, and to work out a solution under guidance.

The students are able to present the achieved results and their derivation in a presentation and to represent their approach argumentatively.


Registration and further information

- Elective lecture for Master students: Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering

- Start of lectures: October 11, 2019

- When: Fridays 10:30am to 12 noon

- Where: S02 C.A.R.L.