Arrival by plane

  • flight to Cologne, Düsseldorf or Maastricht
  • rental car to Aachen (approx. 100 km from  Cologne or Düsseldorf, approx. 35 km from Maastricht)
  • by train to the main station (Cologne and Düsseldorf), and then by train to Aachen/ main station

Arrival by train

  • train to Aachen/ main station
  • walk (5 min) to the bus-stop Theaterstr./Wallstr., take bus no. 33 to stop "Forum", then walk (5min) to the institute

Anfahrt mit dem Auto

  • motorway no. A4, exit Aachen-Laurensberg,
  • arterial road to Aachen
  • exit Maastricht
  • exit RWTH-Melaten/Hörn
  • visitors parking lots are available at Forckenbeckstraße

Attention: Due to the construction work at the Campus Melaten of RWTH University it is currently partially to substantial hindrance in the access road to the AZL. If possible, use the parking slots at the Forckenbeckstraße. Thank you for your appreciation.